In Youtube there is support for a mode “picture in picture”

The function of “mini-window” for a long time in the mobile Youtube app. Thanks to her, the user can move the video in a small window at the bottom right of the screen and continue to work with the app while the video plays in the background.

Now for the desktop version of the website for Mac and Windows available mode of reduced window with the playback of the video. In order to minimize the video should be playing on the clip in your browser click on the icon “Show player in a reduced size”. The window “fly” in the lower right corner of the screen and the user can continue working with the Youtube on the last page that you opened before you can view.

Unfortunately, the system does not work when switching from tab to tab, that is, if you want to go with Youtube on another open website window with the video playback will be hidden.

However, the function will be very useful for those who spends a lot of time on Youtube. It helps to combine the search for the desired content by obtaining information from already found.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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