Information about the Apple Watch Edition disappears from the website and from stores

Apple Watch become more affordable, as we were informed at the presentation of new products on Monday. Showed new straps and cut the price on the watch that will allow you to pay for the product the attention of more number of iPhone users. I’m sure many of you looked back at the page of the online Apple store and thought about buying. By the way, this page has absolutely nothing to do for those who want to buy a watch more expensive.

We are talking about the Apple Watch Edition gold smart watch from Apple, the price of which starts from 10 thousand dollars. Of course companies buy infrequently. Apparently, this happens so rarely that model Edition on the Apple website hidden so far as to find its only those who know about the existence of such a clock. Scroll down the page to the Apple website, dedicated Apple Watch, and you can’t find a mention of the gold watch.

Apple Watch Edition is not interactive in the gallery of watches and straps, and the only place where you can catch the mention of the Golden model, is the page buy hours. Colleagues from 9to5Mac receive messages from Apple retail stores, according to which information about the Apple Watch Edition and disappears from stores. Looks like an expensive watch from Apple have received so little attention that Apple chose not to spend it on them.

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