Inside Apple is actively testing iOS and macOS 10.14 12

Apple started testing iOS and macOS 10.14 12, writes 9to5Mac, based on visits to your site.

Every year, 9to5Mac is fixed on a not yet announced operating system. It usually starts with several devices in January, then their number increases as approaching WWDC.

This week analysts at 9to5Mac found a significant increase in visits from devices running iOS 12 and macOS 10.14. Mostly the gadgets are located in Cupertino, but some are located in Shanghai.

According to 9to5Mac, some developers of large applications have also noticed visits from smartphones on iOS 12. This is because Apple needs to verify the application compatibility with the new version of the system.

The first beta version of iOS and macOS 12 10.14 to appear June 4 in the first day of WWDC. According to rumors, iOS 12 will not be major changes. Instead, Apple decided to focus on improving the performance and autonomy.

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