Instagram knows how much time you spend on the app

Instagram joins a growing list of technology companies involved in digital well-being of users.

Facebook, Google and Apple are trying to solve a growing concern about technological dependence, creating new tools directly in its ecosystem.

Infrastructure owned by Facebook, following the user to create tools that will help solve the problem of digital addiction.

App Instagram for Android has a hidden code that describes a new feature “data Usage” that shows the amount of time that the user spent in the app.

The code inside the Android version of Instagram was first discovered on TechCrunch, and it was later confirmed by the head of Instagram Kevin Sistermom on Twitter.

We’re building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram – any time should be positive and intentional.

— Kevin S. (@kevin) 16 may 2018.

Systrom did repost TechCrunch articles, describing information about the work on the function of “Use of data” true. He also noted that time spent online is affecting people and that his company wants to be honest with users.

It is not clear whether Instagram show the total time that user spent on the app, or to divide it into time periods, for example, during the day, week or month.

It is also known that YouTube will soon add features such as usage statistics and a reduction in notifications to make it easier to stay away from your smartphone.

Honestly telling people how much time they spend on your favourite apps, technology companies can encourage users for more healthy Hobbies.

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