Instagram simplified the search friends

Social network Instagram has introduced a search for schools and analogues of QR codes that were testing since March. The first option is available only in few institutions in the U.S., and the second is around the world.

Similar to parent company Facebook, which was initially positioned as a social network for students and graduates, Instagram is testing the option to enter a data profile name of the educational institution in which the user is a student, or recently graduated. In addition, you can add interests and Hobbies that he enjoys the account owner, to facilitate the search of like-minded people. After this the student enters the directory of classmates and alumni that gives you the opportunity easier to find friends from colleges, universities and schools.

The second function ā€” Nametags ā€” lets you create an image that can be scanned by the smartphone of the person who wants to find your profile. To create your tag in your account menu and go to someone else’s using the option “scan a tag”. At the moment I have this function does not appear, however, among Russian users I this opportunity have seen. View, may be you are among those lucky ones? If not, the update will be available soon.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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