Instagram will be alerted if someone take a screenshot of his posts

Users of the application Instagram has discovered a hidden feature of the app. The participants of the social network will get alerts in case if someone makes a screenshot of their personal message.

A little over a week ago in the updated app Instagram has the opportunity to send temporary messages with photos and video in Direct. Once the recipient opens the message, it disappears. There is also the possibility of doing live broadcasts, which at the end of the broadcast is also not stored on the service.

However, Instagram should have warned users about another innovation: the user receives a system message, if someone tries to take a screenshot of it disappearing content. Innovation concerns not all messages in Instagram, but only those that you send via Instagram Direct.

This caused confusion for some users, who felt that innovation applies to all messages. However, in a short time a resource that is issued a message, said that it was a mistake and notifications to those users whose screenshots were sent in personal correspondence.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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