Intel has closed a project to develop smart glasses

Intel has confirmed to the Verge that closed a project to develop smart glasses Vaunt. For the first time a prototype of the glasses showed in February 2018.

Command New Devices Group, which developed fitness trackers and smart glasses was formed in 2013. It consisted of about 200 people, some of which can be dismissed. Intel for the past five years has allocated money for the development of new devices, but the products never went on sale.

The only device that was shown to journalists — smart glasses Vaunt. They received positive reviews, largely because they looked like regular glasses, unlike Google Glass. Some experts suggest that Intel could not figure out how to sell the device. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Intel has no influence on developers and their ecosystem.

According to the journalist of The Verge Dieter bona, who managed to test a prototype Vaunt, glasses not tried to immerse users in augmented reality. Instead, they showed basic information. Separately, he said invisible display that is visible only to the user points.

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