Intel makes a deal with ARM and may start producing processors for the iPhone and iPad

In April of this year reported that Intel has decided to completely abandon the most inexpensive processors and single-chip systems, targeted for use in smartphones and tablets. In fact, the company admitted that its strategy in this market has not worked.

The next step for Intel acknowledged that the ARM architecture for the segment of smartphones and tablets is much better. As it turned out, the processor giant has signed a licensing deal with ARM, which will allow it to produce appropriate decisions.

It is worth noting that Intel has not yet said how that will develop its own single-chip systems with the ARM architecture, which could replace the Atom SoC. Intel will start with the fact that partners will provide their production capacity for the production of solutions with ARM architecture.

The first client Intel will be LG. Processor giant will produce for Korean partner some kind of single-chip system with a new generation of processor cores Artisan. And to produce this decision will be at the 10-nanometer process technology, but it is unclear when.

Given the production capacity of Intel and its technical basis, we can say that the deal with ARM will bring the company greater profits and a lot of new customers. It is not excluded that in the future Intel will share with TSMC orders release of processors Ax series, Samsung is known to completely lost orders Apple to supply chips.

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