Intel will not abandon the disastrous 10-nm production technology

Despite the criticism of new technologies and the failed attempt to bring your project to life, Intel does not intend to surrender and will continue to work on creating a 10-nanometer process technology. It is reported by AppleInsider.

Intel representatives have denied the rumors about the possible closure of the project to develop its own 10-nanometer process technology. The company noted that, despite a number of unsuccessful attempts, the technology is almost developed and is currently under improvement. It is expected that Intel will start full-fledged and voluminous release 10-nm processors in late 2019. For more specific details of the development of Intel will report in one of his reports, some of which will be published October 25, 2018.

However, information resource SemiAccurate reported on the likely curtailment of the project on creation of the processor of new species, notes that the speech in this case goes not about all the technical processes of the form of 10 nm, and only certain types, developed by Intel. In the opinion of the magazine’s staff, the company can facilitate the production and release of a weaker version of the processor instead of a series of Cannon Lake (it includes, for example, Core i3-8121U), failed to show itself on testing and released in limited quantities.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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