Intel will supply 70% of modems for iPhone in 2018

Intel plans to provide 70% of the modems to the iPhone range in 2018, according to the unknown source of Fast Company. It is assumed that the remaining part will put Qualcomm.

2018 is the first year when Intel creates a chip using 14-nanometer process technology. According to Fast Company, Intel did not achieve the expected output rate, while only half of the produced chips of acceptable quality. But engineers are confident that we will be able to correct this situation.

Given this technological transition, Apple now wants to understand how Intel meets their requirements. If Intel can’t deliver an expected part of the chip, Apple will have to seek the assistance of Qualcomm. There is also the possibility that if Intel will be able to produce a sufficient number of modems, its share may increase.

Intel will not be able to become the sole supplier of modems for the iPhone in 2018. But if the company will increase the pace and minimizes marriage, Apple may abandon cooperation with Qualcomm in favour of Intel.

Earlier analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will stop working with Qualcomm in 2018 and Intel is the sole supplier of LTE modems. The WSJ wrote that Apple will use Intel and Mediatek modems, not to cooperate with Qualcomm.

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