Internal documents Facebook called the Parliament of England a lot of questions about data privacy

The British Parliament intends to investigate the privacy policy of Facebook data, regardless of whether mark Zuckerberg to testify or not. Chairman of the Committee on digital culture, media and sport (DCMS) Damian Collins used a special approach to get the developer Six4Three to transmit internal documents Facebook.

It is reported that these files contain details about solutions Facebook providing data that led to the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica, including emails between the leaders and correspondence with Zuckerberg.

Six4Three has taken action against Facebook once stated that the site was aware of the potential consequences of a breach of the privacy policy and deliberately drew attention to a loophole which was used by Cambridge Analytica to gather information. Representatives from Facebook claimed that allegations “based on nothing” and that they intend to refute them in court.

According to the order of the Californian court, the publication of files on the U.S. territory were limited. Facebook has already addressed to the Committee of great Britain with the request to do without reviewing the documents and return them to the social network. But Zuckerberg’s company actually has no influence on this, as the Parliament of England shall operate under its jurisdiction.

Zuckerberg himself will not testify before the international Committee at the hearing, which will take place on 27 November. Instead, by the Vice-President, Richard Allan. Despite this, the British government can be quite questions concerning the data privacy of social networks by closely examining all the received documents.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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