[Interview] What will happen to the price of the iPhone in Russia? The opinion of the representative of the industry

For anybody not a secret that the economic situation in the country at the moment is not the best. This is directly reflected in the prices: more expensive not only products, vehicles, and equipment, including iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Where to buy Apple equipment at the lowest prices, but still with good service? Buy now or wait? We decided to talk with a representative of one of the shops, ask them about market situation and fin d out what will happen to the price of the iPhone in Russia.

Our regular readers know that friend and partner AppleInsider.ru is the store Up-House.ru that sells not only Apple, but also from other manufacturers. This store is has its own service center, Department of quality control, and has long established itself on “Yandex.Market”. And today our guest is the head of the division for the development and promotion of Ilya Makarov.

Hi, Ilya. Tell me, how long have you been working in the market of Apple in Russia?

Hi! Our team is involved in sales since 2007, and the store, as it is appeared in 2010.

In these difficult times you manage to keep the prices at a maximum acceptable level. How?

It all depends on the suppliers and they have supplies at the old rate (dollar to ruble) is not sold out. But the stock is quite small, since at the time of the growth rate beginning to wholesale customers purchased from neighbors in the Customs Union – Belarus and Kazakhstan, because they pay in dollars.

We try to respond adequately to the changing situation is established or the average market rates, or below average, sometimes they are minimal. However, to find such a service, as we do, quite difficult. The stores that set the prices very low, now is not especially inspire confidence and could be a Scam.

Do you deliver the device only in Moscow? If not, how is shipping to Russia?

Russia sent reliable transport companies with insurance as DPD, DHL and SPSR. Also deliver through packstation and outlets PickPoint.

How much time roughly is shipping to Russia?

It all depends on what transport company you choose. DHL delivers faster (1-2 days), but is more expensive. DPD, and SPSR cheaper – in time from 2 to 6 days. With regard to the points of delivery PickPoint – delivery to the terminal is from 1 to 8 days, while, according to the company, the average delivery time is less than two days.

You have access to the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina?

The entire line in stock!

And what screen size you think is optimal?

I think the more – the better, so I for 13-inch Air and 15 inch Pro. During operation the screen with a big diagonal is much easier and the difference in weight and size is usually not that significant. However, there is still the difference in price…

The eternal question – MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

I am for Pro! It’s simple: the Retina display, performance, more ports. Again, for me the difference in weight to 1 kg each.

Approx.ed.: The Up-House, in the presence of the whole range of MacBook Pro Retina: the 13-inch model 2015 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD can be bought for 104 999 rubles, 15-inch version with 16 GB of RAM and Haswell is available for 136 of 989 roubles. Delivery in Moscow — free.

What about warranty? Buying a device you have whether you can maintain it in the service centers in the regions of Russia?

Yes, on Apple products there is no official guarantee of 1 year from the date of activation of the device in any authorized service center in the world, including in Russia. It must be remembered that from marriage nobody is insured, therefore it is very important how the store itself in this direction. It needs to meet its obligations and to meet the buyer. However, many disregard it.

We try to help the customer, even if the case is not guarantee. In our partners have a service center where not only can fix broken or broken gadget, but will make a discount on repairs if the gadget was purchased in our store.

They say that soon the iPhone could grow in Russia. How are you getting on with this case? Is it still possible to buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Prices will rise for sure – it’s a fact! I think that 10-20% at least. Only if the dollar will substantially depreciate, the situation may change.

So, problems with the supply of no, and you can buy any of the latest models?

We have problems with deliveries not – you can buy any model, perhaps in addition to custom versions.

Approx.ed.: While the prices are small, top-end version of the iPhone 6s Plus Silver 128 GB Up in-House can be bought for 999 rubles 74 (special price for our subscribers). When buying a gift, you will be offered one of the covers: Ozaki or Puro.

What impressions have you called the iPad Pro? What version of tablet do you consider optimal?

First was surprising, but now we are used to. The tablet is interesting, but the size is not suitable for everyone, and the price is increased proportionally. Of course, the model with LTE is the optimal, if you use the device outside the home.

What do you think are the advantages of tablets over Apple tablets with Android on Board?

Firstly, it’s iOS, secondly, iPad competitors much higher quality and last longer (I use to work iPad 2, although he’s 5 years old!). Another plus – tablets from Apple usually takes longer to work. The main disadvantage is the price, although it is controversial, because on the secondary market iPad at the price of losing is not as fast as Android competitors.

Approx.ed.: Up in-House, you can buy the iPad Pro in the color space grey 32 GB Wi-Fi at 59 789 rubles, and in gold color for 60 699 rubles. Hardcore fit the model of 128 GB for 71 589 rubles. A nice bonus is the Smart case for 5 thousand rubles instead of 7 thousand rubles.

But the main question that interests many: buy now or wait?

In this situation I wouldn’t wait, if you plan on buying for several months. If you want to buy in six months or a year, can wait, as the course can be developed, and the current model of the phone will be obsolete and cheaper. So, the iPhone 5s 16 GB cost about 25-30 thousand rubles in the fall of 2013 when it came out, at the rate of 33 rubles per dollar in a year the same model at the rate of 40-50 was estimated about the same, and in 2015 at the rate of 60-70 Apple released them promazine 24 990, so you can say that the phone was not dropped and did not increase in the ruble price.

Well, I hope for the best rotation. Thank you for the interview!

All the best!

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