iOS 10.3: what to expect from the updated operating system

Last week a well-known blogger and insider Sonny Dickson spoke about the closed testing of the new operating system iOS 10.3, code-named “Erie”. After the September release update company for four months has passed in a mode fixes that but now it’s time again to show something resonant.

Start of open testing iOS 10.3, according to sources, is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10. MacDigger found out what users will appreciate the upcoming update, ACE, what features would be popular among iPhone and iPad users.

1. Dark UI mode

Dixon often publishes reliable information about Apple products in terms of data it receives from sources from the supply chain and other informants. According to his information in the iOS 10.3 displays mode Theatre Mode, which will be activated when you click the new icon.

It is assumed that we are talking about the new dark interface mode for iOS, which has long asked the owners of iPhone and iPad. According to Dixon, in control center of iOS will have an additional icon Theatre Mode in the form of popcorn.

Dark mode is one of the most anticipated innovations of issue. It not only reduces the negative impact on the eyes in low lighting, but is also ideal for OLED displays due to low power consumption. The latter, according to available information, will be implemented in the iPhone in 2017. Agree, a complete change of the interface sounds more interesting than the effects and the stickers in the previous releases?

2. The solution to the problem with spontaneous shutdown iPhone

Some iPhones have an inherent problem with spontaneous shutdown. In some instances the reason for this behavior is the defect of batteries which can be replaced as part of a free program by Apple and others is a consequence of a software failure that will decide the upcoming update.

Earlier it was reported that the iOS update 10.2 has contributed to the problem with spontaneous disabling of smartphones. Manifested only in the iPhone 6s malfunction in the form of a turn off when a relatively high battery level has spread to other models. Many users of smartphones are turned off at 30% charge.

3. Flexible configuration control

In iOS 10.3 Apple developers can implement more flexible “control Point”. Apple finally will allow to change the icons in some places, to add new shortcuts is unnecessary. For example, to remove the Calculator in favor of instant activation power saving mode. Also “control Point” will extend the powers of the Force Touch.

4. RAW format support for standard camera

RAW format allows to obtain improved color balance and brightness when taking photos. This means that when you edit images you can achieve better results than with images that are simply handled using the built-in accelerometer of your smartphone.

At the moment RAW is supported in third-party applications for iOS 10. The decision to add format support for regular iPhone camera can only be welcomed.

5. Bug fixes

The owners of “Apple” devices are faced with a number of nasty bugs, including accelerated discharge of the battery after installing iOS 10.2. The upcoming iOS update 10.2.1 will fix some of them, but the full patch is expected in iOS 10.3. It has to deal with all the shortcomings and make the platform more stable.

Other insights about the new version yet, and, apparently, will not be Apple guarded details about its updates as well as two years ago guarded the information about the design of the Apple Watch.

What are the innovations in iOS 10.3 are you waiting for?

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