iOS 10 turned some devices in “bricks”

Apple promised to release a release version iOS 10 in the fall. At a recent presentation, the company said that everyone will be able to upgrade on September 13. The company was not deceived, but the number was not happy for iOS 10, and some users who wanted to be the first to update their devices. Many users have complained that during the update over the air, the device threw an error and refused to work.

Messages appeared on Twitter and Apple support. IOS 10 installation passed without any problems, but when booting the device entered in recovery mode and required a connection to iTunes. Experienced users immediately realized that restoring the device via iTunes, though it will take time but will solve all problems. However, there are those who don’t use iTunes and don’t have the ability to quickly deal with the problem. These people lost his trusty electronic assistant.

Apple quickly responded to the problem and assured users that it solved. According to the company, the problem lay in the updating process. It has affected only some users who have to connect their devices to iTunes or contact Apple support. If you haven’t started the download of iOS 10, now everything should go smoothly.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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