iOS 10 warns the user about applications that do not support 64 bit

Apple releases 64-bit smartphones for more than three years, starting with the iPhone 5s. But for a long time the benefits of the new processor architecture was not used actively, as the developers were in no hurry to support it. In the beginning of last year, the company ordered the developers to switch to 64 bit. If the developers refused to comply with a condition of Apple, now when you run these applications, you will receive a special warning. Such innovation is implemented in iOS 10.

The requirement to move to 64-bit architecture like not all developers, however, it is beneficial for users, at least those of them who use devices of the latest generation. 64-bit architecture can significantly improve performance, especially in terms of graphics. This is useful not only in games, but processor-intensive applications such as graphics and video editing.

If the developer did not bother to update the application code to support 64 bit when the application is run iOS 10 will show the notification: “App not optimized for iOS 10. The application was not updated to 64 bit. Use can affect the performance of the entire system”.

Apple’s decision is quite justified: the company seeks to avoid the main problem of Android fragmentation. Also, Apple want everyone to get the maximum satisfaction from the use of games and apps, and the developers fully disclose the full potential of the devices.

Soon 32-bit architecture on iPhone and iPad will still be supported, however, in the more distant future it is likely that Apple will completely abandon 32 bit, considering how actively it transferred its equipment to the new architecture.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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