iOS 10: what developers expect from the new operating system

When it comes to WWDC, each of us is a developer. The largest annual event of the company is aimed at application designers and programmers, however, do not necessarily know how to Express the variable row to watch the presentation. WWDC begins in just a few weeks, but already, many agreed that Apple is preparing to release a new iOS and OS X. there are Also many interesting ideas about a new control Point or a more convenient way of working with files.

While we imagine that will be able to do iPhone this autumn, the developers are looking forward to the WWDC, as when Tim cook and Craig Federighi announce from the stage the latest features and technology, will talk about the tools for developers that help bring applications to a new level.

What are waiting for developers from iOS 10 this year?

API for Siri

Since the debut of the Siri voice assistant in iOS 5, many were wondering when Apple will introduce access developers.

Dan Consell of Realmac Software believes that the Siri API is the only way for Apple to compete with other players in the market: “If Apple wants to stay ahead of other virtual assistants, she should be given access to third-party developers. I think the likelihood that it will be one of the announcements at WWDC, very high.”

Max Seelemann, co-founder of The Soulmen, I agree with Dan Consell: “From the day of announcement I was waiting for something like this, and was wondering when will open access to Siri. The charm of Siri comes from a huge language that she understands ā€“ there are literally thousands of ways to Express the same command alarm settings”. However, he’s not so sure about Siri API: Developers will need to worry about the languages that Siri understands? I would not be surprised that until the new API yet.

Ken Wong, lead designer of Monument Valley, also believes that open access to the voice assistant Apple is “probably unrealistic”. Hosam Hassan, lead software engineer and co-founder Tophive, more optimistic in this respect: “I expect that Siri API will work as well as Spotlight API in iOS. That is, developers will be able to provide content to Siri and connect it to certain actions. For example, you can ask the assistant to find the movie and then add it to the view list in TodoMovies”. “Imagine how it would be cool if Uber was integrated with Siri!” says Hlsam.

Improved App Store

No matter how much better steel application if nobody can find. The problem with the search in the App Store obvious, and many developers are waiting for its early resolution.

“First of all, we know that Apple is working on a search in the App Store, and I hope to see at WWDC many interesting things,” says Dave Baguette, the Creator of Inky Mail. ā€“ Find in store something very difficult, many good apps get lost. It’s bad for developers, bad for the ecosystem, bad for users”.

“To find the app in the App Store has always been a problem for the user,” said Kartik Surozh from CloudMagic. However, the search is not the only thing that bothers the team Surozh. Also disappoint, and user reviews. He wants Apple introduced the mechanism of response to reviews and re-think the way of calculating estimates.

Wong also believes search the App Store the main problem for developers. Apple could introduce a recommendation system like Netflix and Spotify.

Improving the camera API

Since then, as Apple opened up for a developers, the shop was already crowded with alternative solutions. Advanced shooting modes and editing tools have turned the iPhone into a virtual photography Studio “all in one”. But the developer of Camera+ Lisa Bettany hopes that Apple will help make her app even better.

In addition to dual camera in iPhone 7 iOS it expects 10 managing focus and depth of field, bokeh effect, similar DSLR”. “I would like to see optical zoom, enhanced stabilization and increased value of the diaphragm for shots in bad light,” she says.

Access to the Secure Enclave

The Secure Enclave is a secure environment in the mobile processors Apple. Every store in the process of creating is provided its own unique identifier.

“We hope that the developers will have access to the Secure Enclave. There are Hardware security modules (HSM) that enables you to securely store cryptographic keys. For example, the application may require to generate a key to be safely stored in memory HSM. For example, an application might say, “Please decode this text using the secret key,” says the Baguette.

Improved compatibility with tvOS

As the idea of SketchParty TV application came to Matt brown while watching a demo of AirPlay, it is not surprising that the developer wants to see some “chips” iOS on Apple TV. First on the list, of course, a mode “picture in Picture”.

In addition, brown anticipates closer “cooperation” between iOS and Apple TV: “When the iOS app has a counterpart for tvOS, I would like to have API to request the opening program on another device. For example, opening a SketchParty TV on your iPhone or iPad, the user can initiate a dialog and have it run on Apple TV”.

Improved Game Center

Since then, as Wong left Monumet Valley, he opened his own development Studio, and hopes that Apple will be able to improve the company’s game service.

“Game Canter is not so important for users of mobile devices, such as applications for Steam or PlayStation Network. Brings a lot of interesting multiplayer, streaming and sharing. Watch how Amazon promotes cloud services as a unique selling point of your game engine, really interesting. It would be great if Game Center has continued to evolve and provide greater functionality for small developers that can’t present their own services”.

“The icon of Game Center on iOS is terrible. Want to see something new,” added Wong.

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