iOS 10: what to expect from the long-awaited update?

Before WWDC-2016, at which Apple typically introduces updated versions of iOS and OS X, so more than one and a half months, which means that Cupertino is probably already testing iOS 10. To learn more about the features, of course, but what we generally expect from this update?


In the first place, perhaps updated to “Item management”. It is expected that he will be a multipurpose in particular, users will get the ability to swap icons to access the settings via the 3D Touch. In addition, right at the bottom “curtain” will be advanced options Night Shift. About this video:

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Also Apple may add support for multiplayer modes — for example, if your children use one iPhone. For iPad this is, of course, is more relevant. Well and Split View I would like to see on smartphones and not just tablets.

Standard applications

This is perhaps one of the most anticipated innovations. Most likely, iOS 10 it will be possible to hide the standard apps, and Apple itself will be able to update them without the issue of updates the entire operating system, as it does now.

Siri, unscramble!

According to the latest leaks, iOS 10 will be the decryption function at Siri — she’ll be able to convert voice messages into text. Yes, and the voice assistant from Apple will be smarter and “more humane”.

Volume control

When watching videos on iPhone or iPad you have to launch it first, and then adjust the volume. This is especially significant when you launch the video from YouTube in a crowded place, and the volume is “unscrewed” to the maximum. IOS 10 I would like to see additional options for controlling volume for different media types. Sure, many users will say thank you.

Touch ID and 3D Touch

The fingerprint scanner in iOS 10 is likely to undergo changes — it will work even faster and more stable. As for 3D Touch, here innovations will be visible to the naked eye, the function will become even more useful with enhanced integration into third-party applications and multimedia content.

New look to mail

The standard Mail app, to be honest, a little out of date — look at the same Spark or Airmail, the difference is huge. I want to believe that Apple would revise the design of their program and make it modern.


Apple always changes something in the Camera app with iOS updates, and this time is unlikely to be an exception. Fresh UI, additional features, manual settings (ISO, white balance and so on). Well, waiting.

But in General, the desire is essentially one: to update iOS engineers had to release to introduce new features, not bug fixes. Oh yeah, well, new emojis, of course!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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