iOS 10: what you need to know about removing preinstalled apps

Submitted on Monday, iOS 10 will bring users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch one interesting possibility is the removal of a number of preset programs. Given the closed nature of Apple’s platform, this is a very serious step towards the users.

However, users that want to save memory at the expense of Apple’s applications need to know the following fact. In fact you choose to remove the preinstalled applications in iOS 10 full will not be deleted. Will disappear, only the label, but the main code of the software in the operating system will remain.

The only thing that will allow Apple to remove the application-related data that in total would save 100-150 MB. How much space is all preset in the iOS 10 software is unknown, because to get rid of it is impossible. As before, the built-in apps will remain part of iOS and will be firmly in her “sewn up”.

In iOS 10 it is possible to “remove” from the operating system 23 preset programs including Calculator, Compass, Contacts, Calendar, Weather, Find My Friends, Home, iCloud Drive, FaceTime, Music, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, Notes, and several others. Thus any app can be downloaded again from the App Store – in fact it won’t perform, and just restore the system files. IOS 10, you cannot remove: Phone, Safari, Messages, Photos, Camera, App Store, Settings, Health and Activity.

What you need to know about removing system apps in iOS 10:

  • To remove the Contacts only on the iPhone. If you remove Contacts, you will not lose information from the application. You will be able to use all data in the Phone app.
  • If you remove the Music app, it will not be available in the Apple CarPlay.
  • App Apple News can be removed in the next beta versions of iOS 10.
  • If you remove the app Watch on iPhone that is paired with the Apple Watch, the operating system will be offered first to break a pair with the wearable device.
  • If you have your Apple Watch connected to the iPhone, deleting system apps from the home screen of the smartphone will delete the app with “smart” hours.
  • If you delete the Podcasts app, it will not be available in Apple CarPlay.
  • If you delete an application Action or the Weather, for stocks and weather will no longer be available in other services iOS. For example, you will not see the course of action and weather in the notification Center on the iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • If you remove the Calculator, the calculator shortcut will disappear from the control Point.
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