IOS 10 will be 72 new Emoji

Good news for all lovers to communicate via Emoji: iOS 10 is coming big update emoticons. The Unicode consortium is responsible for the content of keyboard symbols Emoji published the official list of the 72 new icons that will be added to the set until the end of June.

In the new operating system Apple users are waiting for dozens of new exciting faces. The Unicode consortium reserved a space for new icons as avocado, Princess, croissant, grilled bacon, dancer (in a pair to the already existing woman) or owl.

The new set also includes some classic smileys (eg sneezing), and a lot of more complex characters — the company has paid much attention to new sports. Apparently, so Unicode is preparing for the upcoming Olympic games. Also the new keyboard will increase the number of animal species (Fox, Rhino, deer, gorilla) and food (carrots, avocado, pancakes, salad).

The icons are selected on the basis of frequent queries in the network or the need of their appearance. Among the emojis, which will debut in iOS 10 will be the symbols representing the self, a clown, a handshake, a withered flower, an eagle, a Fox, a duck, a Boxing glove, a bat.

Do not forget to Unicode, and many other aspects of life. So, the new selection will appear the Emoji with the image of a pregnant woman and absolutely indispensable sign of facepalm, which is used to Express feelings of shame for another person.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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