iOS 12: user expectations

There is no doubt that iOS 12 will appear in 2018. As always, added many new features, changes and improvements. In Techradar analyzed user feedback.

As with previous versions of the OS, the first official presentation of the beta version of iOS 12 for developers at WWDC 2018 is expected in June next year. The final version of iOS 12 are unlikely to be available before the release of iPhone with the next sequence number expected in September 2018.

Unconfirmed information comes from developers who are learning new features before other OS users to create their own applications.

And although the iOS release 12 not yet announced, the idea of how should look the new operating system has already been formed.

1. Properly operating switches Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In iOS 11 was improved control center, but through it do to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Clicking on the icons Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disconnects the device from the attached networks, but not the receivers. And although it is really necessary to work the Apple and Pencil Apple Watch 3, there are situations where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth needs to be switched off completely.

Perhaps in iOS 12 full control of the radio connections will be implemented using the 3D Touch.

2. The App Store will return to the Wish List.

11 processed in the iOS App Store was better, but lost the Wish List. Users hope that the wish list will be back in the new version and no longer have to remember the apps that I would install later.

3. The camera controls in the camera app.

Location of camera control does not apply to components intuitive iOS 11.

Many users are not even aware of the existence of additional settings such as video resolution, file formats and whether or not the grid, to change them you need to go to the submenu basic settings and actually exit the camera application.

It is hoped that iOS 12, this will change.

4. Reset button.

For right handed users Plus versions of iPhone moving apps is inconvenient, because to return to the previous screen need to get to a small area of the display located in the upper left corner. It is expected that iOS 12 will appear reset button.

5. Advanced files.

Through the “files” screen you can connect to the cloud device, but the documents from the phone itself you need to save the files manually. Currently files do not display the existing folders and media. Therefore, the users will be happy to see more correct the file Manager in iOS 12.

6. More free settings the control center.

Now the possibility of personal settings of Central offices is limited. Perhaps in iOS 12 users will be able to remove the built-in default functions such as music control and mirroring of the screen, and add shortcuts to third party apps.

7. Autocomplete passwords.

On iOS devices, password managers do not always work quickly. Developers can enable auto-complete passwords when downloading apps manually, but this possibility is not at all. In iOS 11 work password Manager failed to improve, so all hope for iOS 12.

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