iOS 6: new tricks and “features”

On September 19, iOS 6 became available for download, and all rushed to update their hadeeth. Unfortunately, not all the details and features of iOS 6 are known to ordinary users, so to tell about them it would not be superfluous. is you 10 tricks that will be useful to you at work with iOS 6.

Perhaps some of these tips will seem obvious. Nevertheless, we hope that in this list there are tricks and “features” about which before you knew not. Thanks to them, to work with iOS 6 on the iPhone 5, new iPad and iPod touch 4th generation will be even nicer.

Use VIP in Mail

I would venture to guess that the letters from some people who come to you in the mail, are allocated by priority. Now to sort and mail became even easier thanks to our VIP section in iOS 6. Open and select VIP. After that, you will be prompted to add some email addresses to this list. For each contact from your VIP list you can create your own alarm sound and notification.

Also add a contact to your VIP list via the menu Settings > Notifications > Mail > VIP.

Guided access

Control iOS users and limit their access to forbidden applications using the function “Guided access”. To do this go to Settings > General > accessibility > Guided access and turn it on. Now in any application you can triple-click the Home button to enable Guided access. In this mode the user will only use the application that is open, and even there you can turn off the screen area with which to work is prohibited.

The teacher can approach the student and to enable guided access to the calculator during the exam to any other applications on the iPhone failed to capitalize.

To disable guided access, you can also three times pressing the Home button and entering a password or a pre-selected gesture.

Create panoramas in iOS 6

Open the Camera in iOS 6 and the Settings menu. Under the toggle switches for a grid and HDR, you will see a Panorama button. Then on the screen appears with the image in the lens and an arrow, which upon rotation gadget must be kept strictly in the panorama turned out smooth and beautiful. Slowly move the camera, and in the end you get a finished panorama.

3D in Apple Maps

iOS 6 Maps left, they were replaced by Apple Maps. The quality and detail they are not superior to the equivalent from Google. Now in Maps in iOS 6 now has a 3D view. In Chicago, Seattle, Copenhagen, Barcelona and other cities you can see from the height of bird flight. Unfortunately, neither for Moscow nor for Peter 3D maps do not exist.

Answer the call message

If a person calls you, you don’t want to talk, or if you simply cannot get to the phone in iOS 6 you can send the response message directly from the interface of the incoming call. Initially, you are offered ready-made templates, and in response the caller can write something on your own. iOS 6 will help create a reminder that you need to call the person back at a specified time or upon arrival to any destination.

Siri has learned to run applications

Activate Siri and tell her “Open Tweetbot”. Reaction voice assistant in iOS 6 will be immediate ā€” the app opens in an instant. We’ve been waiting for this feature and finally it appeared in iOS 6.

In the reading list

Sometimes that open up a great article on and I want to read it, but time is sorely lacking. Before to read offline on the plane or other places where there is no Internet, rescued Instapaper or Readability, from now on you save the article can standard tools of iOS 6.
Just click the button in Safari and choose “add to reading list”. When there is no Internet, simply open the list of tabs and read the post offline.

Upload pictures directly from Safari

Previously, in order to upload the picture on the website or in the admin panel of WordPress for iOS, you need to use additional applications. IOS 6 now supports uploading images from your browser. Go to Flickr, choose the file, and the picture will be uploaded on the website.

Integration with Facebook

To share with your friends on your Facebook posts, notes, music and other media files, you only need to log into Facebook in the settings menu of iOS 6. Enter your email address and password for account at Facebook and you already integrated in iOS. Now App Store, Calendar, Contacts, Podcasts ā€” everything related to your Facebook account.

Share photo streams

In Settings, Photos and camera need to enable My photo stream. Now new photos will be automatically uploaded and sent to all devices connected to your iCloud via Wi-Fi.

In select photo Stream and create a new partition. In addition, you can enter email addresses of people you want to share photos made. Do not forget to check are whether the photos on

That’s the most interesting new features in iOS 6. If you know something really cool about iOS 6, please contact us by email [email protected]. The most interesting stories about how you work with iOS 6, and how often do you use the new functions of the system.

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