iOS 7 is the most secure mobile OS

Based on my experience, I can confidently say that the percentage found using the Find My iPhone phones Apple tends to zero. Of course, the mere presence of such an application already causes respect for Apple, however, this system either works very poorly or not at all. Although it is not so bad working in the way, but the fact that it is simple enough to circumvent.

The number of iPhone thefts around the world exceeds all reasonable limits. iPhone is extremely popular with hooligans and bandits, and it was obvious that to prevent this problem, Apple need to come up with something new. The company poraskinul brains and built iOS 7, Packed with all kinds of protective measures that will prevent any possibility of use of the device after it is stolen.

The first thing Apple did, and what the company even thanked the head of the police Department of new York- Activation Lock. This feature on the iron level blocks the ability of using the iPhone after it is restored or lock via iCloud. Such a device would be suitable only for resale for parts than expected, many thieves will not do.

After that in importance is the system of confidence to the new computer to which you connect a device running iOS 7. If your iPhone is running iOS 7 has already been synced with your computer and connects to the new, without your confirmation to sync with a new computer would be impossible.

Now remember the sensational rumor that is almost confirmed as a fait accompli. In the new generation iPhone will be integrated fingerprint sensor, which greatly simplify the procedure of unlocking the device. At the same time, this method complicates unauthorized access to the device by third parties. This is another bonus in the Treasury of the improvements security system iOS 7.

All of these features, which undoubtedly will be in demand, play a key role in our continued an even deeper introduction of the iPhone in the corporate segment. Information security — a priority for the mobile device, which claims the title of flagship in the corporate market, and given that today is available to Apple and iOS 7, the iPhone is going to become number one in the business.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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