[iOS] Back by using Siri28 review

Voice assistant Siri has long become a familiar feature of “Apple” gadgets, and with the support of the Russian language has acquired relevance and the CIS. But if you think you know all the abilities of an assistant, do not jump to conclusions — interesting “chips” here lie at every turn.

It’s no secret that Siri is very handy for the main function of the iPhone — making calls. Assistant very helpful telephone numbers and names in your address book, but what if you are not able to someone to call, or, conversely, could not get through to You? As an example, consider the following scenario.

One of the calls — inbound and the other outbound. Sounds a little “captain”, but actually it does not change, because Siri needs to explain the difference. This is done simply and elegantly: if you want to call someone who called you, say so — “Call”.

And in order to redial the last number from the outgoing, is useful to the team “Call again”. This is especially true in cases where the called subscriber is busy, not available or call failed — excellent likeness of the dial.

Of course, this is only one of the functions of Siri, which makes the smartphone comfortable and modern. It comes in handy and the Apple Watch, myself, not convinced that the assistant is a great help communicating with the clock. If you know of other, less obvious, but also some interesting features Siri, feel free to write on the topic in the comments.

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