[iOS] Hide personal information from prying eyes

From time to time, each owner of a mobile gadget you have to pass it into the hands of others. Be it iPod, iPhone or iPad who want to borrow a device is always there, but here’s the thing: instead of the promised game or video the instinct of the researcher leads to curious pictures and messages. About how to protect privacy from prying “Barbarian” — this material.

Probably curiosity for the secrets of others inherent in the very nature of man. Else to explain the desire to peek into other people’s messages or a photo album is difficult, because in most cases it is not about commercial secrets, but about the most trivial things. Nevertheless the simplest correspondence may be interested even a casual acquaintance, and get into it, having physical access to an unlocked device usually does not interfere. There are, however, but only if you have no device from Apple.

Those of our readers who are faced with a demonstration gadgets, can you recall an interesting detail: some smartphones and tablets, where advertising materials are displayed, sometimes not respond to pressing the Home button. In this case, instead of the usual menu, the device will issue a warning that included the so-called “Guided access” feature allows you to limit the gadget exclusively open the application. Useful thing, isn’t it? Especially considering the fact that to use it — simple. To do this, go to “Settings” and select “Basic”, where go to the section “Universal access”, habitually storing unusual for iOS functions. We are interested in the item as mentioned above is called “Guided access”. Here you can adjust options such as the password that will be required to exit the restricted mode and is highly recommended for memorization, or a reminder about the expiration of the time “Guided access”.

Now, actually, about the main thing. In order to limit the use of the device for the desired program, should be just triple-click the Home button and follow the instructions on the screen by customizing the available area of the screen or the hardware buttons work. Exactly the same keypress and exit.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of this trick (as, incidentally, and all functions of the “Universal access” related to a triple click home “Apple” button) — some delay when entering the multitasking menu, which can be done by double clicking (read more in this article). However, if you frequently share your electronic assistant, this is unlikely to be a big problem. Healthy you curiosity!

For the reminder of such useful features are very thankful to our constant reader under a nickname 美少女.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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