[iOS] is Constantly working GPS? There is a solution

Built-in Navigator is a great feature of modern smartphones. Today, such a system will not only allow you to get lost in an unfamiliar city, but also will help you to find a lot of useful information and even keep track of friends or relatives. All of these features is as easy as “voracious”, and in some cases you may need to turn them off. One of these cases we consider in this article.

Once your humble servant noticed that near the battery indicator on the iPhone screen displays an interesting character. At first thought it was the usual icon showing that any of the programs or services recently appealed to the satellite system, but a closer look considered interesting detail: the infamous icon was contour, while the GPS activity indicator is made solid.

According to the description posted in the settings location services iOS, this means that nearby the geofence is an imaginary perimeter around an object. All would be nothing if it wasn’t suspiciously extensive, because the indicator did not disappear from the screen for a moment. The clue lay in the same description: applications using geofence to notify the user of arrival or departure. For example, these can be reminders with the notification regime in place. In my case the culprit was another useful program is “Find friends”, which is easy to track the movements of other users. It’s simple — one of family contact turned on the notifications on my arrival at a given point, and the application is constantly refined current location.

Of course, a continuously operating navigation may not the best way to affect battery life, so without the need of function can safely disable. The easiest way is to disable the “Find friends” at the address “location Services” -> “System services” section in the “Privacy” menu “Settings”, but in this case “Find my friends” no longer transmit your location. To avoid this tracking you the user will need to run the program, select you from the list and go to “Notify me”, and then press the “Delete” button at the bottom of the screen.

Now constantly track my location in the app “Find friends” will be disabled. It is worth mentioning about one more method, which can also come in handy — removing a user from the trusted list in the “Share my location” under “location Services”. To do this, select the desired contact and click on the “do Not share my location”, usually located at the bottom of the screen.

I hope this simple advice will save you from unnecessary suspicion and will save time looking for solutions. To you easy navigation!

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