iOS overtakes Android in the ranking of customer loyalty

IOS overtakes Android in the level of loyalty of users, continuing a three year trend, which showed that both operating systems are extremely high retention rates of consumers.

According to a survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the level of consumer loyalty iOS has reached 89% over the past three months, including September. This compares with 92% conversion rate of loyalty among Android users for the same period.

CIRP conducted a survey of 500 respondents. Loyalty index measured the percentage of users that remain on the same operating system when you change smartphone during the year.

From September 2016 to September 2018 loyalty index Android ranged from 89% to 92%. During the same period the level of iOS ranged from 85% to 89%.

“Customer loyalty as iOS and Android have achieved the highest figures over the last two years. Basically, over the past three years about 90% of phone owners in the United States remained the operating system when buying a new smartphone,” said Mike Levin, partner and cofounder of CIRP.

Over the past few years Apple has focused on the so-called “defectors” from Android to iOS because the company is looking for new opportunities to increase sales growth in developed markets. Analysis of CIRP in June showed that about 20% of new iPhone users switched to Apple devices with Android.

Levin also said that Apple has reduced the gap from Google in the coming years to overtake “Corporation of good” in terms of customer loyalty.

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