iOS vs Android: the second round starts

It would seem that more recently Apple with its mobile operating system iOS was in the lead in the U.S. market. To catch up with Android in the world for obvious reasons it was impossible ā€” too many manufacturers use the OS provided by Google for its smartphones. However, few could have imagined that with such overwhelming data on the iPhone iOS will begin to take positions.

According to the authoritative research firm Nielsen, and her reputation is even better than the famous IDC, in the third quarter of 2015, the share of iOS in the U.S. reached almost 43 %, while the rate Android has exceeded 52 %. Two years ago the situation was completely different: 55 % for iOS and 45 % Android.

In third place is Windows Phone and, surprisingly, BlackBerry OS. The global scenario, then everything is the same here: 81 % for Android and 16 % for iOS.

What caused the defeat Apple in the third quarter? The reason is simple ā€” the analysts took into account the period, when the company from Cupertino for nearly a year no new products on the market of smartphones and tablets. So all the fun we will see when the experts will publish a report during this quarter there will be data from the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Looks like the second round of the battle of iOS vs. Android for the last remains. But Apple is unlikely to give up going.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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