iPad has in the tablet is fully protected from viruses

The Russian company TKK-M created the tablet TrusTPad, which is allegedly impossible to infect with a virus. A device that provides an increased level of protection, were more expensive second-generation iPad Air.

TrusTPad works in two modes — protected on the Linux operating system and the usual Android. The gadget is created on the basis of technologies that are new to the Harvard architecture, its author, head of the Department “information security” MIPT Konyavskiyi Valery — one of the owners TKK-M.

“If the computer is in read-only mode (read-only), then it cannot record, so if the virus enters in the computer memory, it cannot be written to the device”, — told RBC Konyavskiyi edition.

According to the engineer, as hackers can remotely affect the hardware device is impossible to infect. To switch from one mode to another by using the switch located on the body of the tablet.

Unprotected OS is updated the same as any Android, and protected – in service center in a special technological regime, the transfer device which is a physical switch inside the case, not user or software effects.

TrusTPad tablet is equipped with 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, 4-core Cortex A9 processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and two cameras – a main 2 megapixel and front with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. The size of the unprotected disk 8 GB, the size of the protected – also 8 GB is available memory card slot Micro SD up to 32 GB.

The product price is 39 000 rubles. For comparison, the iPad Air 2 with Retina display and 16 GB of memory sells for 35 990 rubles.

According to the head of advanced technologies Department of “Kaspersky Lab” Andrew Dohnalova, tablet TrusTPad, in fact, represents two computers located in a single housing, which in turn utilize the same resources: memory, ports, input and output may, GSM module, etc. in one of the computers system memory is write-protected. Expert Labs is confident that even this approach does not provide complete protection against loss of confidential data.

To test protected by Russian tablet agreed “Mail of Russia” and under the control of the Ministry of defense “Voentelekom”.

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