iPad mini 4 is practically not suitable for REMONTU review

Submitted September 9, iPad mini 4 was only a shadow of its 12.9-inch counterpart. Until yesterday it was little known details. The presentation stated only that “BJ” is now a full copy of the iPad Air 2. But the engineers at iFixit were able to prove that these words were cunning. Craftsmen totally dismantled the tablet and gave him a thorough examination. By the way, the findings were disappointing.

Confirmed suspicions that the maintainability of the new tablet will be at the highest level. Very dense components played a negative role in this matter. First, the screen is made by technology of full lamination (as in the iPad Air 2) will be subject to full replacement in case of breakage. Even when disassembling a very large chance of damaging the sensor. All because of the technique of “In-cell”.

Secondly, the wire scanner Touch ID is now integrated with display, which further complicates dismantling. Thirdly, Lighning connector is now soldered to the motherboard, and remove it just will not work. In addition, Apple continues to “fill” the entire tablet glue. Other ways of fastening the parts to each other, apparently, was not. The only positive point is the battery loose. But its capacity was reduced from 5124 to 6471 mAh.

What we have in the dry rest: the level of repairability of the new iPad mini 4 equals 2 points out of 10 possible. Same was with iPad Air 2. There is a disturbing trend – each new generation of Apple products are less and less subject to repair. Apparently, modern technology is not such a breakthrough, we are talking about.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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