iPad mini 4 is the choice for those who can’t carry a iPad Pro

Of course, we assumed that the iPad Pro will show today, but nevertheless were surprised by the onslaught of Apple led by Tim cook. iPad Pro has taken its place in front of the iPhone and other products, and he devoted a lot of time. Very little time is devoted to other tablets of the company, but they too are updated. Appeared 4 iPad mini and other tablets have become cheaper. Of course, amid all the iPad Pro device fade, but wait, pay attention please.

Remember how last year we were delighted when we were shown the iPad Air with all its incredible capabilities and unimaginable thickness. Presented today 4 iPad mini is the same iPad Air 2, but with a screen of 7.9 inches. Last year, the mini line has received only Touch ID and a new color, so this update she deserves.

Not everyone of us needs a 12.9-inch tablet. Many people like to play with the iPad mini, to use it as a cheat sheet to take with you anywhere, because it even fits in your pocket. Today he was much better, and costs $ 399. It’s not 799$, which ask for the minimal version of the iPad Pro.

As for the cost of other good tablets from Apple, the price iPad mini 2 now starts at $ 269, iPad Air from $ 399 and the iPad Air 2 from $ 499.

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