iPad Pro has 4 GB of RAM pameti review

Apple doesn’t like to share detailed specifications of their devices, whether hesitating over competitors, whether he wanted to protect his fans from a variety of terrifying words. So when on the company’s website has information about the new iPad Pro, in the section “Performance” was listed only new 64-bit processor AH. About the RAM professional tablet in Cupertino modestly silent, but here to them came to the aid of colleagues from Adobe.

In the official press release from Adobe about new mobile products company for content creation contains a proposal that answers the burning question:

“iPad Pro, great for creative work, with a 12.9-inch high-definition display with 2732 x 2048 pixels, the A9X chip and 4 GB of RAM”

In other words, it is possible to speak that before us the world’s first tablet computer with such a crazy amount of RAM. We will see what kind of applications can developers build for a device with such specifications. However, one question we have yet to receive an answer: after all, how much “RAM” has a new iPhone?

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