iPad Pro was not as perfect as Apple claims

iPad Pro – a device, of course, very attractive to perform the tasks of the different spectrum. But, despite a number of reasons, according to which professional “tablet” from Apple is superior to even a MacBook, it is not perfect. We present to your attention the list of the most common problems 12.9-inch tablet and ways to address them.

iPad Pro will not turn on after charging

If you are faced with the fact that your newly acquired “Proshka” refuses to turn on after long charging, believe me, you are not alone. Unfortunately, it is still unclear which character has this problem: software or hardware. And although Apple promised to investigate, who, as they say, and nowadays there.

In order to bring the iPad Pro from a state of lethargy, you’ll need to perform the process of an emergency reboot. To do this, hold the key combination “Home” and “Power” for at least 10 seconds until the screen is typical Apple. Method works flawlessly, but its substantial drawback is the fact that the problem does not disappear and, most likely, will happen again.

But there is another way out of the situation. According to some owners, the incident was over activation in the “Settings” functions of the “Hey, Siri”. Others, in turn, returned the tablet to life by a reset and restore the backup from iCloud. However, neither one nor the other method did not find widespread confirmation. But if it’s true, we can assume that the problem is software in nature and will be fixed with the nearest update.

iPad Pro will not connect to Wi-Fi networks

This problem is almost universal, being the most common. However, to fix it much easier than daily to “resurrect” tablet for 65 000.

Troubleshoot wireless connection first try just reboot and the router, and the iPad Pro (a combination of an emergency reboot). If the problem still persists, go to “Settings” — “General” — “Reset” — “Reset network settings”. After the system will clear all data Wi-Fi, try to connect again using your old password.

If this method doesn’t help you, maybe it’s in the DNS connection. Change its data to “wifi Settings”. To do this, click on the “i” icon next to the desired network. You’ll get more detailed connection information, including DNS. Replace the existing numbers to or if you want to use the Google servers (Alphabet), or use OpenDNS address is.

Fading of the screen during use

Much less common, but still having a problem. According to the information of the first user, the iPad Pro is prone to spontaneous lockups of the interface while working with him. The image on the screen without any reason stops for a few seconds, and then as suddenly activated.

A definite way to bypass this problem does not exist. In any unclear situation, use emergency restart, or try to perform a factory reset and restore the backup from iCloud. However, assurances that the incident with the hanging will not happen again, no. Let’s hope that iOS 9.2 correct the situation. You can also consult the dealer or directly to Apple stating the problem. Perhaps your copy should be replaced as defective.

The sound system notifications

Despite the elegant iPad Pro stereo speakers, which are not mentioned just lazy, and they are not without problems. Of course, you will still be able to watch movies or TV series with perfect audio or listen to your favorite tracks, but some system sounds seem too quiet or completely indistinguishable. The Apple support forum again occupied the unhappy owners of the iPad Pro, saying that they can’t hear sounds for incoming messages, reminders and alarm clock.

In order to exclude the probability of manufacturing defects, check that the device is not in “silent” mode or active state of function “do Not disturb”. If everything is OK, go to “Settings” — “Sounds”. Perhaps the volume level for each notification was underestimated, and you can check it here. Try to increase it.

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