iPhone 6s 200 000 – VIP-souvenir for the fans of CSKA

Prices of players are growing and the news about the spending on stadium “Zenith” does not end there. Against this background, the Premier League clubs offer in their fan shops Souvenirs at not too anti-crisis prices. One of the unique finds online store CSKA may be interested in fan of the “Apple” brand.

No, CSKA did not invent the iPhone, but took an already existing and a bit modernized. The club offers its fans to buy club iPhone 6s for 199 000.

The design of the handset is designed in the General style of the club and interpretered in its design key features: emblem, topped by a five-pointed star, a traditional symbol of a horse whose mane is blazing like flames and the motto “CSKA will always be first.” By design jewelers, the combination of titanium, special luster of gold and bright elements embodied in the color together creates a sense of drive, passed elegant characters.

The mascot of the club, hand-engraved – 750 gold, 10 MK. The emblem of football club enamel jewelry is executed on the device – engraving of the individual number.

Discounts on VIP gifts do not apply, and to buy a smartphone only for 100% prepayment. Given that the average price of the iPhone 6s is about 66 000, it is essentially meaningless processing cost to the fan of CSKA slightly less than 140 000.

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