iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 compared to the strength in a series of drop tests [video]

Prior to that, we have seen the tests on bending and resistance to water Samsung Galaxy S7. Now it’s time to drop it on concrete, and a lot of times, and to compare with the iPhone 6s the sustainability of the flagship, such acts of vandalism. It should be noted that this is not the first drop test of the South Korean device, although the previous one looked like not the careful work of the editor, not the actual experience. Thus, according to the normal drop-test and comparison with iPhone 6s, last attempt was far from reality.

The creators of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff decided to compare the Galaxy S7 glass and metal flagship iPhone 6s in the test for impact resistance using a special test of the gadget. To the process the authors of the experiment approached with the utmost seriousness and used professional equipment in order to avoid the influence of the human factor. Dropped smartphones hitting them on a hard surface in different planes. Both smartphones were falling from meter height on rear panel, display, bottom, and side faces.

In the first test with a drop on the back side the advantage was on the side of the metal device. While the iPhone 6s has received only minor scuffs on the back, the rear glass Galaxy S7 badly cracked.

Upon landing on the bottom face both models received no damage visible to the naked eye. If you fall on the side faces of the gadgets had suffered little damage, but nothing that would have prevented their functioning. As expected, when I hit display, both smartphones were seriously damaged, and their screens severely cracked.

As after that only iPhone 6s remained healthy, he took part in the bonus round, during which the smartphone is constantly falling on the display has not yet ceased to function. The device went through five drops.

iPhone, without a doubt, is awarded the title of winner in this test. Note that next year Apple is planning to use a glass coating on the jubilee flagship, so the results of the drop tests can be different.

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