iPhone 7: 12 reasons to buy the new flagship Apple

Should you buy the iPhone 7 owners of the current flagship with an iPhone 6s or earlier models? Ahead of the announcement this question is raised by many users. iPhone 6s – a great smartphone with decent performance and decent battery life. However, there are at least 12 reasons to switch to the iPhone 7.

1. Updated design

From the iPhone this year should not expect a serious redesign, as Apple moves to a three-year refresh cycle for its smartphones. Despite the appearance of the new iPhone has been somewhat modified. In particular, plastic inserts in the body will look more carefully, shifted to the upper ends. The camera still protrudes out of the housing but it looks not as rough as before, although the module itself has become much larger.

2. New colors

iPhone 7 will be the first Apple smartphone, made in black color. According to rumors, the company has prepared model in two new colors: matte black Dark Black and Piano Black with a glossy effect. Both will be much darker than the existing Space Gray and it will look more advantageously.

3. Improved camera

Significant changes to touch the iPhone’s camera 7. The updated module will provide better imagery in low light conditions, thanks to the larger sensor and aperture. To 4.7-inch model will get optical image stabilization, a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus will receive two cameras with a resolution of 12-megapixels. Users of the new products will have access to a thin camera settings using a standard application.

4. Better audio

Apple decided to abandon headphone Jack, a place which, according to rumors, is another speaker to improve the quality and volume of sound. Of course, it is unlikely it will be louder than Bluetooth speakers, but will be much more likely not to miss a call in a noisy environment. Although, it is believed that the place of second speaker iPhone 7 is the components of the display, and the grille is decorative.

5. Display with support for True Tone

Apple has no plans to increase the screen resolution in the iPhone 7 this year, and instead will introduce a new Retina display Color. On the newest smartphones of Apple photos and videos will look even more realistic and will provide even more immersive in the content with a wider color gamut. Technology Wide Color will provide the highest accuracy unattainable for a “regular” display panels. In addition to the technology Retina Color display iPhone 7 will support the function of True Tone, first introduced with the iPad Pro. It involves the use of special sensors that monitor ambient light and adjust the colour temperature of your screen for a perfect image comprehension.

6. LTE up to 450 Mbps

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will support the new LTE download speeds of up to 450 Mbps, thanks to the use of the new module from Intel.

7. More memory for the same price

As you know, this year Apple abandons the 16-Gigabyte drive in the iPhone, and now the minimum amount of memory will be 32 GB, but the smartphone will remain the same. That is, the user gets a 32 GB of memory for the same money as the 16 GB last year with the iPhone 6s. Maximum memory was increased to 256 GB.

8. More capacious battery

Apple has heard the requests of users and, finally, increased the battery capacity of the iPhone 7. Compared to the iPhone 6s the difference is not so big, but it’s still better than nothing. Thus, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will receive battery with a capacity of 1980 mAh vs 1750 mAh on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Plus will the battery 2910 2750 mAh vs iPhone 6s Plus.

9. Home button with 3D Touch support

Insiders insist that Apple will embed the 3D Touch technology in the Home button, thanks to which there will be new versions of the application, the main button of the smartphone. In other words, the Home button will be touch that will make the iPhone waterproof.

10. Top performance

With the new processor A10 performance the Apple iPhone 7 will increase by 35%, while the iPhone 7 Plus in addition will receive another 3 GB of RAM. If the iPhone 6s in the Apple A9 and 2 GB of RAM “broke” Galaxy Note 7 on the basis of the Snapdragon 820 4GB of RAM, you can only imagine how productive will the iPhone 7.

11. Full dust and water proof

Although the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus without any consequences experienced immersion in water, the water resistance of their smartphones, Apple is not stated. This year the iPhone should be officially dustproof and moistureproof.

12. Unique software chips

Last year a unique feature of the iPhone 6s has been the recognition of the touch screen. Of course, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Course will also get an exclusive functionality that is only available on these two devices. All details will be revealed at the presentation on Wednesday.

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