iPhone 7 and 7 Plus charged slower than their predecessors

Support wireless charging – perhaps the last thing the owners of the new iPhone. For the first 9 years of existence of the line we got almost everything ranging from MMS to the possibility of optical zoom when shooting, but have not questioned the introduction of a small induction module. It is very surprising that no one remembered about the benefits of technologies like Quick Charge. And for good reason.

As it turned out, mobile equipment Apple iPhone including, but not limited to, the order behind the industry and interacts with the electric current hardly the worst of them all.

In spite of the most powerful in the class “hardware” and record performance, the latest generation iPhone with an index of “7” can be charged-even slower than last year’s iPhone 6s models, not to mention the flagships of competitors. The relevant conclusions of the journalists AnandTech conducted after the test, during which it was mapped more than a dozen smartphones.

Leaders of the rating are two completely different from other on other devices: Meizu Pro 6 and Galaxy S7. The average time of charging from 0 to 100% amounted to little more than a half hour. All of a sudden the second place managed to win a compact iPhone SE – forward, that helped a record low by today’s standards the battery capacity. But worse of all has been proven the iPhone 6 Plus, which was able to “get enough” after only 3 hours spent at the outlet.

iPhone 7, in turn, reached the middle of the ranking, losing one position to its predecessor, and the iPhone 7 Plus was fourth from the end. Obvious deterioration the charging rate of, most likely, is a consequence of the increased capacity of the integrated battery and the persistent unwillingness of Apple to be at least some risk.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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