iPhone 7 c modems Qualcomm was 30% faster versions with Intel chips

Apple uses in the new generation of smartphones LTE modems from Intel and Qualcomm. As it turned out in the course of the study, the iPhone 7 with chips from different manufacturers differ in performance between them.

Apple, like other mobile manufacturers, has an interest in working with at least two suppliers for key components. In addition to providing a backup supply in case of production problems, the cooperation with the two suppliers will increase the competitive advantage of the new iPhone.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the company began to use two types of LTE modems. In models A1778 A1784 and installed the Intel chip XMM7360 (GSM only), but the versions and A1660 A1661 module is used MDM9564M Qualcomm (GSM/LTE). Experts Cellular Insights conducted a study and found that among these models there is a fundamental difference in speed.

In the experiment, we measured the signal strength of the network and a maximum throughput speed installed in the iPhone wireless modules. In all cases, the iPhone 7 with a modem from company Intel was the loser. And the lag from the models flagship with a Qualcomm reaches 30%. This applies to all three tested bands – band 12, 4 and 7.

For comparison, the experts decided to compare the speed of iPhone 7 with other devices. It turned out that the new flagship modem Intel shows you the result even worse than the iPhone 6s.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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