iPhone 7 explodes? Don’t rush to conclusions

Exploding smartphones are perhaps one of the main themes of this autumn, and thank you here you need to say to the company Samsung, which hurried to release the Galaxy Note 7 before the new iPhone from Apple. Now the scandal slowly fades, and that’s a coincidence — from China began to receive reports… of exploding iPhone 7.

At the moment, the media recorded a single case of an explosion allegedly the iPhone 7, which was posted on Reddit. Moreover, the user reported that the smartphone already came to him in such a state, saying that something strange happened between the Assembly plant and shipping.

Photos, obviously done on purpose, in order to “capture” iPhone, and a box to show that it is indeed the Apple (however, experts have questioned the authenticity of the smartphone). In addition, the device looks like it was thrown into the fire for a few minutes and then tapped with a hammer. Box seems to have been cut with a knife.

Although we are not proponents of conspiracy theories, it’s more like a paid campaign against Apple. Insights, of course, still too early to do, but too much of a coincidence.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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