iPhone 7 Plus vs “SLR” Canon 5D Mark IV: capture photos with bokeh effect

Updating the operating system iOS 10.1 brought the so-called portrait mode for the iPhone camera, effectively allowing you to blur the background around the object. Technology can appreciate the owners of smartphones iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera.

Portrait mode iPhone 7 was advertised at the presentation of the Communicator, but which was not in its functional list at the time of sale. The effect of depth of field, or bokeh is an artistic blurring of the background in your photo. This effect is used to amplify the focus on the main subject, making it ideal for portraits and close-up shots.

The creation of such pictures is made possible with the iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras with a wide angle and telephoto. The gadget is able to determine nine levels of depth, then through a specific software technology blurred the background. By the way, despite the fact that the mode is called portrait, it is suitable not only for shooting people. Those who are able to evaluate a new feature, note that it also allows you to make pictures and animals, and all sorts of items.

Due to the unique shooting mode iPhone 7 Plus allows you to do more artistic photography, especially when it comes to portrait and macro shots.

Advertising images on the Apple effect looks great, but in real life the device it easily gives the same interesting photos without any tweaks. The quality is not inferior to professional cameras, what was made clear to the owner of the SLR camera Canon 5D Mark IV.

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