iPhone 7 stand the bend test is worse than its predecessor [video]

The Creator of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro tested the strength of the design of the new flagship iPhone 7, which on Friday went on sale in 30 countries.

The author of the review chose the iPhone 7 in the color “rose gold” which he tried to bend. Two years ago, the iPhone 6 Plus the defect was found: the body of the device quite easily deformed, just needed to put it in a Trouser pocket. The device just bent the hands of ordinary observers, which did not differ a great force. Smartphones next-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus endured the test much better.

The iPhone 7 test results proved that the new design of the smartphone does not guarantee a higher strength compared to the iPhone 6s.

In the process of bending the display module away from the housing, showing the adhesive substance that protects the smartphone from moisture. It can be assumed that after such experiments the water resistance of the smartphone dropped significantly, but he has not lost form.

In the end of the experiment, the author managed to damage the iPhone 7, attaching a maximum effort.

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