iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: who has the better design?

This year one of the main trends in the mobile market was the refusal of the display part. Several manufacturers demonstrated smartphones with frameless or almost frameless design. Each has implemented its own approach to design. Known insider Benjamin Gaskin published in his Twitter account a comparison of schematic images of “frameless” Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8.

“Limitless” display was the main feature of the flagship Samsung, released last month. The screen diagonal of 5.8 inches and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9 takes up more than 80% of the front panel of the Galaxy S8. It is completely devoid of the side frames and the top and bottom of the frame are much thinner, so the company had to transfer the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. Galaxy S8 Super AMOLED display curved on the edges.

Now the network appears more and more leaks about the new iPhone 8. It is expected that the device will receive a 5.8-inch screen that will occupy almost the entire front panel. But unlike the Galaxy S8 panel display of the Apple smartphone will be flat, and the edges will remain a small frame with a thickness of about 4 mm.

Part of the screen of the iPhone 8 will be given under the functional area with a built-in scanner, Touch ID. At the top is a small recess for the earpiece and front-facing 3D camera. The insets on the top will reflect the standard system icons for signal, wifi, battery level, etc.

Apple and Samsung have different approaches to the implementation of the “frameless” design. And what design do you like more? Curved display without side part of the Galaxy S8 or flat screen with small indents iPhone 8?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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