iPhone 8 will cost 90 thousand rubles. 7 insights for a crazy price

The flagship Apple become more expensive. Looking for reasons, talking about the consequences.

In the fall of 2014, when the Euro and dollar was the norm, the iPhone 6 has entered the Russian stores with a price tag of 32 thousand rubles. Given that the flagships are mainly cost 30 thousand, there were people who was kind of cranky at Apple for greed.

It’s been three years, exchange rates had finally gone off the rails, and the Russian retailers have announced monstrous news: the iPhone 8 in minimum configuration will cost 89 990 rubles (as we converted $ 999).

The good news is that the iPhone will have 128 gigabytes – in principle, this is enough.

But the price the most affordable model is still in space.

What does it mean?

1. Most likely, there will be only iPhone 7s (screen – 4.7 inch) and iPhone 8 (screen – 5.5 inches, without frames), and the iPhone 7s Plus will remain in the grave – it is not needed.

By the way, last year the iPhone 7 Plus with 128 gigabytes officially worth 77 thousand rubles – not so far from the cost of the group. But then there was an alternative – you could take 7 Plus 32 GB less than 70 thousand. Now this option is missing.

2. Apple takes on tremendous responsibility.

The smartphone, which is much more expensive competitors, may not be compromises. Customers are entitled to expect the best screen, best camera, best performance, best autonomy and the quick charging.

If the iPhone 8 will sink, to begin the claim. Every case of marriage (even tiny) would cause a scandal.

Tim cook runs the risk, but clearly understand what to do.

3. If Apple manage to blow up the market a super-expensive iPhone, the other manufacturers will also move to price in the area of 1000-1300 dollars.

Everything is logical: the top phones already should be at the level of the top laptops is a full – fledged working tool.

4. Most likely, in Russia totally fails iPhone at 512 gigabytes.

The price covers the psychological mark for the most expensive phone asking 110 thousand rubles. With 256-Gigabyte model was the smart one: it will cost 99 thousand.

Accordingly, there is assumed to be two popular options: either to save and get 128 gigabytes (enough) or not to bathe and to pay 100 thousand for virtually endless memory.

512-Gigabyte iPhone will buy, probably only Steve Wozniak, who packs ship in their gadgets TV shows in perfect quality.

5. A naive dream that after the release of the iPhone 8 will drop the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus died in agony.

It is necessary to rely on the iPhone 7s, but there is little hope: most likely, at the start he will be asked in the area of 65-70 thousand rubles. Now the “grey” iPhone 7 Plus 256 gigabytes and so is 50 thousand, so further price reduction it is better not to wait.

The most competent way to save money – to break into the secondary market and profitable to buy used iPhones from those who bought or going to buy “eight”.

6. Apple could easily move to a biennial update cycle flagship model.

Let me explain: now can free 8, and in a year the same iPhone 8, but with a slightly improved processor. Against this backdrop, even the difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s will seem global.

7. Approximate price of the iPhone 8 in the “gray” stores – 75-78 thousand rubles (this microinsult).

Of course, we are not talking about the first weekend after launch, and about October or November. But if all the rumors about the lack of a new flagship – the truth, the owners of “grey” points will start to cash in on the deficit: for example, to bend the price of devices of a certain color or to take money for pre-order and place in line.

In General, this iPhone will have lots of fun – no wonder we waited so long for a new design.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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