iPhone 8 will get twice as less RAM than the Galaxy Note 8

Flagship smartphone Apple sample of 2017, as appears in the rumors called iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone Edition, will you get 4 GB of RAM. Reported by TechRadar, citing informed sources. The new flagship smartphone Samsung ā€“ Galaxy Note 8 ā€“ the amount of RAM will be increased to 6 GB.

According to the insider, the new iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus will be equipped with 3 GB of RAM and 4.7-inch iPhone 7s ā€” 2 GB. Increase RAM size of smartphones Apple should be expected in 2018.

The publication explained why Apple decided to keep the old RAM in their smartphones. Firstly, optimisation of the iOS operating system allows the device to work comfortably with 3 GB of RAM. Apple increased the memory to 4 GB only iPad Pro, which is designed to solve more demanding tasks.

Secondly, the price of RAM modules for mobile devices has increased dramatically. If Apple will equip the iPhone 8 a large amount of RAM, it will have to either significantly increase the cost of the gadgets, or leave it unchanged, but go for lower profits. None of the options for the company is not appropriate.

The increase in the prices of the RAM modules had an effect on other manufacturers who just were more restrained. So, Samsung in its high-end Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S8 S8+ decided to limit to 4 GB of RAM. But in the case of the future flagship of the Galaxy Note 8, the company will focus on technical characteristics, so the novelty will receive twice as much RAM than the competitor from the “Apple” giant.

In the Android ecosystem, the capacity of RAM is due to user demand and performance issues of the devices that are open architecture platform software, more demanding to the characteristics and have a tendency to slow down after some time.

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