iPhone 9 will receive the largest screen in the history of iPhone

Apple is yet to announce iPhone 8, and the Internet already are discussing the next generation of smartphones.

iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple together with Samsung Display working on a screen size of 6.46 inches for the new device, which will be released next year. This is reported by ETNews, citing a source close to the Californian company.

Think about it for a second: 6.46 inches. This is more than a display for the recently released Galaxy Note 8 with a display of 6.3 inches.

Potential iPhone 9 will be equipped with OLED panel, this means that the screen will occupy the entire front part of the gadget that is not going to have a visible display of the framework. Something like we expect from the iPhone 8, which will be announced in September. In fact, so, despite the impressive screen, with a smartphone you can operate with one hand.

Previous leaks suggests that Apple plans to completely abandon IPS technology in favor of OLED displays. The flexibility of OLED panels, the California-based company will be able to experiment with the form factor of the gadget. Probably in 2018, every iPhone will get edge-to-edge screen with curved edges.

Apple has officially confirmed the release date of the new iPhone. The presentation will be held on September 12. In addition to the anniversary 8 iPhone it will show iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and Apple watch, with LTE module and Apple TV with support for 4K video. iPhone 8 will get display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches, wireless charging and 3D-camera with facial recognition system.

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