IPhone and iPad users massively complained about the failure of devices due to iOS 10

Some owners of iPhone and iPad when trying to upgrade the operating system to iOS 10 was faced with a serious problem. Users have complained that installing a new OS “over the air” leads to the error about cannot restore the device and offer you to connect the gadget to iTunes. Apple confirmed the presence of a failure.

Debuted September 13, iOS 10 is a major software release Apple with a large list of changes. Among the most significant innovations: a new lock screen, updated notification system on the lock screen, improved Message, “wiser” Photo app, the updated interface of Apple Music, Maps, and a number of other standard applications. iPhone has learned to Wake up automatically when users take them in hand (this is true only for SE 6 and 7).

Some owners of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad after trying to upgrade to iOS 10 got the error. We are talking about different gadgets, regardless of model. After a reboot the screen shows the icon of iTunes, which indicates the transition of the gadget in recovery mode. When connected to the computer a message appears: “your iPhone has a problem that requires update or recovery device.”

Initially went on the assumption of overloaded Apple servers due to the large number of simultaneous requests, but Cupertino denied these reports. According to the company, it is a fault on the side of the company.

“We know about the problem with the update process that affected a small number of users in the first hour of the release of the update. The problem was quickly resolved, we apologize to our users. Those affected by the problem, you need to connect the device to iTunes to complete the update, or contact AppleCare for assistance,” ā€“ said in a statement Apple.

According to numerous reports on Twitter, the problem with iOS 10 fairly widespread. In order to return your iPhone or iPad to a working state, you should follow a few simple steps:

  • Connect your mobile device to your Mac or PC and open iTunes.
  • To restart your iPhone or iPad into recovery mode by holding the off button and the Home and holding it until the message about the transition.
  • Then in iTunes, a window will appear prompting you to update or restore the device. Here you should choose “Update”.
  • If the installation will take more than 15 minutes, steps 1-3 suggest to repeat.
  • Updating the device back to its setting.
  • If this instruction is not back to life a smartphone or tablet, it should be borne in authorized center.

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