IPhone Donald trump only one app is installed

On the iPhone, U.S. President Donald trump only one app is installed. This was told by the resource Axios, citing informed sources.

Trump is known for his addiction to the microblogging service Twitter. One this app installed on iPhone American leader. On smartphones Apple has the standard apps like Weather, Music, Alarm clock, Card, but the fact that Twitter is the only downloaded app that shows how important social network for trump.

The US President frequently hits Twitter with fierce criticism on his opponents, including the American liberal press, which he calls “lenovocare” a biased, in his opinion, relevant to the work of his administration. Often the reason for the tweets become negative stories about trump in the news, which he daily spends a few hours in the morning and evening.

In the American press say that the addiction to Twitter is a real headache for his assistants, trying to discipline the flow of the statements from the White house. Often the official press service of the White house publishes relatively restrained comments. But then the President, without consulting anyone else, takes on the smartphone and give in to these feelings, that sometimes causes a great outcry and exacerbated by the scandals around him.

Donald trump on Twitter about 30.5 million subscribers, he wrote nearly 35,000 tweets.

Addiction Donald trump to Twitter repeatedly ridiculed former President Barack Obama. So, speaking at a campaign rally in California in October 2015, he lashed out at Donald trump for what he is, in his opinion, spends too much time on Twitter. “We don’t need a President who spends all the time on the tweets,” said Obama.

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