iPhone even closer “friends” with tvOS

Thanks to an updated notifications system in iOS 10, users can now more effectively interact with apps directly from the lock screen. One of the most useful examples of implementation of this innovation was the application Apple TV Remote, which allows users to type text directly on the iPhone to bypass the inconvenient keyboard tvOS.

It works as follows. As soon as you are going to enter text on the Apple TV and in the text box, the cursor appears on the console connected to the iPhone comes notice. Touching this notification, you can trigger the keyboard and start typing text on the iPhone, and it will appear on the TV screen.

This feature can be very helpful when entering URLs in the browser or when you search the desired videos on YouTube. If you ever typed text using the remote Apple TV, you will not argue with the fact that doing this means iOS is so convenient that the user will not too lazy for this put the remote on the table and pick up the phone.

By the way, notifications are triggered even if the Apple TV Remote was not running in the background. Take note, if you are an active user of Apple TV fourth generation.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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