iPhone is not cheap: how to throw on the money of Russian buyers of smartphones Apple

Mobile phone shop in Tula selling faulty iPhone users. Now, dozens of the disappointed customers may not return any money or equipment.

All the victims have decided to purchase an iPhone “on the cheap”, but lost. Low price at first not too confused buyers. One store said that the phones were in use, but fully factory reconditioned by Apple. Others explained that purchase directly from suppliers.

However, after buyers gave money for the device and got the check, saw that it says “Thrift shop”.

“The previous unit was broken, had to buy the phone. Went to the nearest store, ” says Elena. For iPhone 5s I gave 21 000. But a day later the phone became warm, started to brake sensor, stopped charging the battery.”

The next day the girl went to the store, she was sent to the service center on the second floor. There warned, that will have to wait a week. But a month went by – no phone, no money, and Helena was not returned.

Ella the situation is similar. But only the faulty phone I bought her mother-in-law.

“We understand that the store’s Commission, but this does not mean that there should be sold broken products. We gave over the phone on 13 000 rubles, and the use of them can not. In the store to talk to us rudely and out the door,” Ella complains.

The writer Myslo under the guise of regular customers went to the same ill-fated store. The goods on display immediately looked suspicious. iPhone 5s with the same amount of memory cost from 11 to 18 thousand rubles. On the question of differences between models, sellers said the color is the most expensive of phones – the Commission. According to them, the phone brings the Director of the outlet.

My iPhone 4s was broken. Three months of waiting, when I will return the money. I go here often, trying to achieve justice. There are many of us, but to act on the store does not work”, – says Yulia Makedonova

Buyers trying to find your phone in the Apple database. For example, Ella gold the device was listed as silver. And Yulia is generally in the number disposed of. Different from the original and charging, and earphones. Victims have written statements to the police.

“Every statement from shoppers to the Soviet, 4 law enforcement officers carrying out inspections. By results of checks will be accepted procedural decision”, – the head declared a press-services UMVD of Russia on Andrey Yartsev.

The investigation revealed that the company OOO “forest” is registered in Moscow at the so-called mass registration. That is most likely at the office of the company no. In addition, the owner of the company a Sergei Egorov owns five companies, which were registered to him within two weeks. This gives reason to assume that the Director was a figurehead.

“Commission activity is selling other people’s things on behalf of the owners of these things. Sam thrift store is just the middleman. But the buyer, who sold the defective product, if they have not been specified by the Commission, at its option shall be entitled to demand replacement of the goods of the same or different brand; to demand elimination of product defects or reimbursement for their correction. Also, special rules apply in relation to technically sophisticated products similar to the law “On protection of consumers’ rights. Buyers can demand protection of their rights through the courts, and referring to the special authorities”, – said the lawyer Evgeny Chernikov.

Now concerning the forest, OOO initiated two proceedings on administrative offences. As the instruction about elimination of violations of forest, OOO is not fulfilled, the administrative case is directed to court.

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