iPhone is the most popular smartphone among the youth

Apple products are once again gaining in popularity. According to the latest survey of the Bank Piper Jaffray, 82% of Teens want to buy an iPhone.

Bank representatives noted that the iPhone is the most coveted device in the entire history of their studies.

Probably a new wave of interest in Apple’s smartphone iPhone has awakened X. for the First time in many years, the company radically changed the design of the device. The new gadget has received OLED-display from edge to edge and unique technology of facial recognition Face ID. According to experts, competitors will be able to recreate such a scanner is only 2.5 years.

Also increased the user base, which already own Apple gadgets. Among 6 polled 100 teenagers 78% already use an iPhone. This was 2% more than last spring.

Among those who wear smart watches, 12% use Apple Watch. In theory, this number should grow soon, as 17% of respondents confirmed that they want to buy wearable electronics, Apple in the next six months.

And finally, the good result showed the music service Apple Music. 17% of respondents said they subscribed to a streaming service and actively use it.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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