iPhone or iPad not syncing with your computer? There is a solution

There are times when the iPhone or iPad cannot sync with iTunes and perform a backup or restore of the device. If you are faced with a similar problem, can help reset the Lockdown folder on your Mac or Windows. Now explain how to do it.

To reset the Lockdown on OS X, you must first disconnect all iOS devices from your computer and close iTunes. Then open Finder, hold down the Shift+Cmd+G, type the path below and press Enter.


Select all the files in this folder and move them to the trash. In OS X deletes the files from the Lockdown, but not the folder itself.

On Windows everything a little easier. Again, disable all devices on iOS, close iTunes and click on “start”. In the search field enter the command below and press Enter.


Double-click the Apple folder, which will delete the folder Lockdown. Note that you’ll have to restart the computer and iOS device, otherwise the system may fail.

If you still Windows XP suddenly, of the action of the same, only the folder Apple will need to find in Application Data. After that, the device can reconnect to the computer and be sure to press “Trust”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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